Welcome to KTM ROX!

Feltham London

KTM ROX is bringing the fun to Feltham.
A stylish new bar/restaurant bringing oomph and pizazz to Feltham, with an excitingly fresh take on "classic".

With its uniquely broad range of wonderful gins and whiskies, KTM ROX also offers colourful cocktails, refreshing lagers and craft beers.

Come for a drink, stay for some food! We offer indulgent burgers with a twist but also bring a touch of Kathmandu to our menu with some mouth-watering Nepalese dishes.
Chill in our lounge and play some board games, or get competitive with your friends over a game of ping pong. Or just relax in the gardens, under our beautiful old tree.

Welcoming staff and a relaxing vibe mean good times all around. Chillax, be yourself, have fun!

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